About Me

My Philosophy

I first and foremost believe in honest, complete book reviews that state both flaws and strengths of books. In my opinion no book is perfect. I also strive to form an original, brief, spoiler free summary to accompany all of my reviews. I want to do all I can to promote interesting, and time-worthy books that will be enjoyable to the majority.

Blog Set Up

All my reviews include the following:
Picture: I include a picture of the cover/I will also include a picture of the author upon request or when interview or signing is mentioned.

Summary: As stated above my summeries are original and very minimal in how much of the story they give away (I make no specific reference to any events happening after, relatively, page 100)

The Good: This is where I state what I enjoyed, commend, and what to look forward to in this book.

The Bad: This is where I state what I disliked and recommend what I think should be changed. .

Ugly Updates: This section contain upcoming news about the book and/or author. It can include but is not limited to; previously published novels by author, author bio/fun facts, upcoming signings/appearances, and sequels. This section is called "ugly" because we often have to wait a long time for sequels, or cannot travel to far away signings, etc.


**This format is subject to change with each individual review
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