Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman

The twelve Dragons and their Dragoneyes have existed for as long as time has been recorded. The energy dragons can manipulate Hua, the energy source in all living things. They with their corresponding Dragoneyes are the protectors of the nation, a cycling year, and a Greater Virtue. Once a year the ascending Dragoneye chooses a new apprentice who will serves twelve years before becoming a Dragoneye for another twelve. Eon is a candidate for the Rat Dragon apprentice among eleven others. He is an outcast in many ways. He is the smallest of all the candidates; he is a cripple, a demon in most’s mind, and he how an uncanny power to connect to all the Dragons. Eon is also a female living in secret because women would be scorned and killed for even attempting to fool the long practiced traditions.

The Good: Eon: Dragoneye Reborn was such a great story of courage, girl power, mystery, and suspense. I am such a huge fan of girls pretending to be guys. It’s such a large archetype and usually ends up the same way, the fact that she’s a girl is discovered but then she saves all the guys and she kicks some serious butt doing it. But though it sounds like a much overused plot Goodman does it in such an incredible way that it is well worth reading. The Asian customs that are explained throughout the novel are such interesting to read and really make the book tangible. I loved reading about the different bows and it made me smile when they scoffed at using a chair or took off their shoes before going inside. The novel is filled with such dynamic and is continually active so you are never bored. Finally, the best part of this story is Eon or Eona. She is such a strong heroine that you will immediately be drawn to her. The transformation she goes through in this novel, alone, is worth reading the book.

The Bad: It’s really hard to say anything bad about this book. It really flew by. And unfortunately it has a cliff-hanger ending, and you should know by now those drive me crazy. But I might just be able to forgive this one. It was set up very nicely for a sequel and I will just wait patiently(ish).

The Ugly Updates: The sequel, Eona: The Last Dragoneye, comes out April 19, 2011. *sigh* so far away. Goodman lives in Australia and has written two other novels; Singing The Dogstar Blues, a science-fiction comedy thriller and Killing the Rabbit, is a crime/thriller for adults. I'm sure they are just as incredible as Eon. Check out Goodman's site for more information about her research behind Eon and details on international versions of the book.

Rating: A+

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