Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

So I don’t know if I”ll share my thoughts of Mockingjay on here. They are quite personal and I don’t know if I could share what I felt without spoiling anything for you. But if your reading this review to find out whether to read Mockingjay or not. The answer is absolutely yes. If you read Hunger Games and didn’t enjoy it, whether it be the writing style, the plot line or the charcters I think you could have stopped right there, been satisfied with the ending and would have been able to go on with your life without regretting anything. If you thought Hunger Games was decent or good enough to read and finish Catching Fire. Then I really think there is no way you wouldn’t have to read Mockingjay. So my point is it almost inevitable that you will read Mockingjay if you've gotten to the point of reading a review about it.

As for if it was a good book or if its worth your time. Its hard for me to be objective. I don’t feel that Mockingjay can be summed up with so staments on the flow of the plot or if it kept you interested or a letter grade or stars. I think if Suzanne Collins had been ubducted by the most illeterate aliens and wrote the book I would still need to read it till the end.

So whether you decide to read the book is up to you. But I'll leave you with this... Did I enjoy the book? Yes. Did it fufill your expectations? It exceeded them. Did you find it hard or easy to get through? A fair balence of both. Would you read it again? Not for a long time.

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  1. I'm still pondering this one. I have so many conflicting feelings.