Friday, June 25, 2010

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

As the Darkest Powers series comes to a close Chloe and her friends must find out what secrets their society of supernaturals, specifically the Edison Group, is hiding. Chloe and her friends have had one heck of a week, after running from Lyle House and then the Edison Group they have finally found a place where they are safe. At least for now. As Chloe, a ghost seer or necromancer will exceptional powers, starts to uncover the secrets of the house they are staying in and the people they are beginning to trust. The group, Simon, Damon, and Tori, must decide who is telling the truth, while dealing with the uncertainties of their accelerated powers. Friendships and loyalties are tested as traitors are revealed. Ultimately, Chloe and the rest must find a way to overcome their differences and figure out the story behind all the secrets.

The Good: The Reckoning is an exciting, action-packed conclusion to a series I have enjoyed immensely. Chloe is an ambitious, stubborn, witty character that makes this story come to life. Damon, on the other hand, is loud and overbearing, but is always trying to put others first. Both of their inner struggles develop them into dynamic, relatable characters that are a joy to read. This story continues to unravel and then form new secrets and twists that keep you turning the pages. And though the first two novels had little romance this one does. And let me just say it’s intense. Romantics will not be disappointed. The end of the story is wrapped up very nicely leaving no loose ends unanswered, which most people enjoy at the end of the series. Overall this novel has good flow and style with adventurous characters and enough twists to keep our minds guessing.

The Bad: This novel was very hard to find something negative about it. I found a certain decisions made by the characters unrealistic, even for a paranormal novel. But this novel was my favorite of the trilogy and was an interesting, suspenseful read. 

The Ugly Updates:You can find Kelley Armstrong's website in my right sidebar. There is also a site dedicated just to the Darkest Powers series found here. You can find some pretty awesome things like short stories related to the series, Armstrong signings, and discussion forums. Check it out! Armstrong's new series for YA, Darkness Rising, will begin April 11, 2011 with The Gathering. Can't Wait!!
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Rating: A

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  1. I think I am the only person who did not like this I almost fell asleep reading it. Good review though and I'm glad you liked it!!