Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

As Rose Hathaway’s story continues in Spirit Bound, she confronts danger, adventure, and love. At the end of Blood Promise we found Rose back at school, after several months in Russia hunting for her lover turned Stroigi. Her failed mission has put her at his threats to find and kill her as soon as she leaves school grounds. But Rose finds herself on a wild goose chase trying to hunt down a rare spirit user who might have changed a Striogi back. And on top of this Rose is still waiting for her guardian assignment. After her dropping out of school and getting into fresh trouble it is looking less and less likely that Rose will be able to guard her best friend, Lissa. The New York Times Bestselling series continues to bring suspense, action, and laughs in the fifth novel.

The Good: Rose, whose point of the story is written, takes us on another exciting, thrilling adventure. Her guardian “always in action” personality makes her take on the story interesting. I also enjoy when Rose goes inside Lissa’s head through the bond and comments on what she is doing. Rose is always very passionate about everything she does. It makes the novel refreshing and intense. Spirit Bound does not disappoint in the twists and secrets that the previous four novels had. The story is always actively moving, not just stagnantly waiting for the “big climax” to come. This means you won’t be able to put the book down.

The Bad: This contains one of my worst pet peeves: Cliff-hanger endings. I feel that books in a series should have a definite conclusion, while leaving some loose ends; because it is, of course, a series. Huge cliff-hangers, like the one in Spirit Bound, make me very annoyed. The other thing I disliked about this novel was the placement of the climaxes, I felt that the first came too early (almost the middle of the story). The second came too close to the end, leaving cliff-hangers like I stated earlier. 

The Ugly Updates: This is Mead's 5th book for young adults. She also has several for adults. The 6th and final book in the Vampire Academy Series, Last Sacrifice, comes out December 7th, 2010. Author Website in Right Sidebar.
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Rating: A+ 

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  1. I haven't stared this yet -I'll read it series when it's done - I don't like cliffhangers either. It looks good though!