Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WEREling by Steve Feasey

Trey LaPorte woke one morning to find many things amiss. One, he never remembered going to bed, two, every part of him ached tremendously. Also him room was trashed to the extreme; it looked like a tornado had ripped through his room again and again. And most traumatically his favorite new shoes which he had saved months for were totally shredded. Trey doesn’t think his day can get any more strange, when a mysterious man comes to Trey’s group home claiming to be his uncle, but Trey knows he doesn’t haven’t any family not after his grandmother died 3 years ago. This man claims to have answers for him. But Trey must ultimately decide whether or not to trust this man with the strange eyes and get the answers to his questions. What happened to his parents, what secrets this man is hiding, and scariest of all, what he is becoming?

The Good: The opening scene of this novel was overall intriguing. It kept pulling you farther into those first pages. It story had good pace towards the beginning keeping you drawn in by answering long standing questions. The world created by author, Steve Feasey, was unique, mysterious, and compelling. Trey the main character is very relatable and kind. The internal battles he goes through are written beautifully. The minor characters, as well, have well developed personalities. The occasional humor is not out of place. The novel overall was a enjoyable read.

The Bad: I felt the middle of this novel drug out a little long. Also the major conflict seemed almost too convenient. Almost like it was thrown in just to have a conflict. But all the same it was action-filled. The ending of this book also laid out the sequel almost too perfectly. It stated the basic story sequence and this killed some suspense.

Ugly Updates: Steve Feasey has 4 novels in his Changeling series, all published in the UK.
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Rating: A-

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