Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Three angels are sent down to bring good to the world: Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, a teenage girl who is the least experienced of the trio. But she is the most human, and when she is romantically drawn to a mortal boy, the angels fear she will not be strong enough to save anyone—especially herself—from the Dark Forces. Is love a great enough power against evil?

The Bad: This was one of the worst books I have read in a long time. The first thing that bothered me was the completely unrealistic nature of the whole book. There were so many times that the characters did completely ridiculous things that no one would ever do. They didn’t stay consistant throughout the book. No actions made sense. A lot of the book seemed to revolve around the romance. And normally I would be all over that but this time it wasn’t executed well. Certain actions seemed have the goal of putting the main couple in romantic situations rather than to keep the story interesting. There was also a huge lack of action or suspense. I really don’t know how I finished it. When the climax finally came it was like a small speed bump compared to the mountain a good book would have. The story was overall boring and unsophisticated.

The Good:  Halo is written by a 17 year old and I just wanted to commend her. Because as  person who hates to write, I deeply respect those who can. And getting published at 14 (her first book …) is such an incredible thing. So all you young authors out there have faith! 

Ugly Updates: Follow Adornetto on Facebook and Twitter.  You can find the rest of Adornetto's book on Goodreads here: Hades (Halo 2), Heaven (Halo 3). Adornetto has also written some children's books. You can check them out on her Goodreads account.

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  1. I didn't like this one either, and I struggled to the end. That beautiful cover caught me out!

  2. Think I'll skip this one too, though the cover is awsome.

    I see you're reading the Host. I loved that book and am interested to see what you say. I liked it better than all the Twilight books put togeter...hopefully no one will beat me up over that opinion.