Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crash Into Me by Albert Borris

Four kids. One thing in common. Suicide. Frank, Jen-Ae, Owen, and Audrey are the Suicide Dogs, on a mission – to die. They decide to take a cross country trip visiting graves of famous suicides and finally ending in Death Valley where they will end their lives. On their journey they confront inner demons, reveal their deepest secrets, their most desperate desires. They know there’s no reason to hold back. In two weeks they’ll be gone. They struggle with the ultimate questions – Is life worth all the pain, suffering, and loneliness and What happens to you when you die?

The Good: This novel is raw. It’s emotional. And it is life-changing. The four characters start out as timid and shy, unsure of what to expect from their myspace friends. But on this final journey they form an unbreakable bond to coincide with their unbreakable pact. Crash Into Me in an eye-opening story that will touch you very deeply. The loneliness and pain the characters feel is impossible not to empathize with. You see them change in the course of two short weeks and I felt myself irrevocably change too. The characters lives seem real, almost tangible and it saddens you that people can actually feel this way – want to do such irreversible acts. The writing of this novel is extremely sophisticated but relatable, readable, and real. Mixed with IM conversations from the past and top ten lists, the writing flows easily. Borris is an exceptional writer that opens your eyes to the hard truth of loneliness, self-worth, and suicide.

The Bad: This one is a tear-jerker that you won’t be able to put down.

The Ugly Updates: Borris has worked with teenagers in schools, suicide hotlines, and in drug rehab. This is his first published novel but he has written some poetry that has been published. Visit his site.

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Overall: A+

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  1. Anonymous7/15/2010

    I love you reviews and I love that you're completely honest. Keep up the good work. :)

    Also, I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a series of book? A lot of my favorite authors are winding down in their series and I find myself constantly checking online for a GOOD series to pick up. Thanks for any suggestions.